Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Hootenany!

It's that time of year again! So I am little late but in all fairness this is in my archives anyway and is still my Halloween go to! Get your Halloween dance on!
Archived post can be found here along with the Return of the Living Dead soundtrack!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red Hot Rebellion!!!!!

Here is one to look out for- Red Hot Rebellion. These guys describe themselves as The Ramones meets AC/DC meets Motorhead. It is a pretty good description from the couple of tracks I have heard. Whatever you call it, it's fucking Rock and Roll and it's raw and loud the way it should be!!!!!
More Info from their Bio-

" Red Hot Rebellion has a singular goal: to return Rock n' Roll to its loud, fast, unpretentious, and reckless roots. By combining elements of Blues, Punk, Garage, and Classic Rock/Metal, Red Hot Rebellion creates a familiar yet refreshing sound that appeals to multiple generations of Rock fans from 14 to 64. They believe music is more important than fashion. That intensity is more exciting than whining about break ups and heartache. That a Les Paul and a Marshall stack can rattle your bones and shake your blood. These ingredients all mix together in a powerful audio cocktail they call The Sound Track to a Bar Fight.
Red Hot Rebellion's music has been featured on MTV's Nitro Circus.
The band is currently working on their debut full-length album. "

RHR's debut album should be out this coming spring until then here is a teaser....

Side note- Thanx to the guys from RHR for dropping me a line! When I am not working or rockin it with my own band, I am trying to spread the word about real music and real bands so feel free to drop me a line...... remember kids if blues is the teacher- Punk rock is the preacher!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Genders- Virgin no72!

Rock N Roll from Isreal? Say what? Hell yeah check these guys out. This shit is legit.

From a review-

"Straight outta Tel Aviv (!) the bomb-dodging Genders are the slinkiest, kinkiest, ass-rockingest cock n' roll sensation in the Middle East… What is a surprise is how fuck-on-the-floor BAD ASS the Genders' opening salvo, "Horatio", is. Coming on like some bleary-eyed cross 'tween the Cramps and the Hellacopters, "Horatio" is a swaggering, full-throttle cock rock ode to oral sex, complete with free-flowing cowbell, Johnny Thunders-esque solo, and this chorus: "Hey baby, my name is Horatio/I perform cunnilingus in return for fellatio". How's THAT for a rhyming scheme? It's anybody's guess where the Genders are going with all this top-shelf sleaze, but one thing's for sure, wherever the fuck it is, I'm going with 'em."

Get it here.

the Genders Horatio

boris | MySpace Video

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Radio Reelers- Rock'n Sound!

Here is a kick ass album from San Fransisco's Radio Reelers. Great band with a old school sound. Rock n Roll played real fast! HERE>
I do apologize for not providing the scans for this album, I am not able to find it. I spent almost 2 hours today digging through all my cd's and shit looking for it.. The underwear gnomes must be jammin that album.........

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aerobitch- An Urge to Play Loud!

Today I bought a comp off of Itunes called A Fistful of Rock'n'Roll Vol.5 . I absolutely love comps like this because I always find cool fucking bands like Aerobitch.. The lead singer fucking shreds..
Brody Dalle doesn't have shit on this chick... Turn it up to 11 and check this shit out!!!

The Upper Crust- Let Them Eat Rock!

Here is an awesome rock album from Boston's Upper Crust.. First off they have a great gimmick and secondly get ready for some AC/DC style rockin and some really fun songs.. Make no mistake these Lads are top notch... Get It..

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Teenage Bottlerocket!

I absolutely love for this band for some reason.... albums to follow.